NOAA Study Helps Identify Wind Energy Development Sites in New York [What’s New]

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Recently, the state of New York released the New York Department of State Offshore Atlantic Ocean Study describing the physical, biological, wildlife, and geographic characteristics of the offshore Atlantic Ocean adjacent to New York. This study, with significant contribution from NOAA, lays the groundwork for selecting suitable sites for offshore wind energy development.

The Offshore Atlantic Ocean Study draws from NOAA’s National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science’s (NCCOS) report, A Biogeographic Assessment of Seabirds, Deep Sea Corals, and Ocean Habitats of the New York Bight: Science to Support Offshore spatial Planning. The report provides a compilation of maps and biogeographic assessments for the offshore waters of New York. This NCCOS report, along with other reports cited in the study, provide a foundation for future site assessment and other relevant research activities in New York, reducing potential duplicative efforts and increasing efficiencies.

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