NOAA Releases National Status and Trends Data Portal [What’s New]

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The National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science has launched the National Status and Trends data portal, an interactive Web-based tool developed in collaboration with the NOS Special Projects Office.

The NS&T Program conducts long-term monitoring of contaminants and other environmental conditions along U.S. coasts. NS&T includes three nationwide programs – Mussel Watch, the Bioeffects Assessment, and the National Benthic Surveillance– that are designed to describe the current state of, and detect changes in, the environmental quality of our nation's estuarine and coastal waters. The Mussel Watch Program is the longest continuous contaminant monitoring program in U.S. coastal waters with data at over 280 sites from 1986 to present.

The new, interactive, web-based tool allows users to search for data by region, state, or ecological area; type of contaminant; and type of shellfish or sediment sampled.  Additional features are in development to allow users access to a broader range of National Status and Trends data.

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